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Wills 18th Birthday Crush a Car Day

Johnsons Honda

  • Twin Half Day 14th July 2012

    Rain, rain and more rain, still, donít be glum, this makes loads of mud and keeps the water splashes really brimming check out these pictures of our July 2012 twin half day.

    The morning event was won by Helen Muir whose hubby we suspect was ex forces and gave her a little advice. Donít you just hate it chaps when you thrashed by a lady driver.

    The perfect 100% score.

  • Honda Crushes Cars,

    Honda were a great bunch full of fun and could drive too seemed to have a lot of fun and good appetites to match The Humvee ran all day, a miracle with only one sideways drift on pull away was it incompetence or a deliberate attempt to shower her team mates in slop probably the latter, either way she will remain nameless, but she knows who she is.

  • Mike's Past Tank Driving Day,

    Chap called Mike rang us about a Small tank day, The lads and i look forward to small informal days now and again, always loads of fun and it seemed Mikeís party were up for most things Good driving all round but maybe a little on the fast side with some of the mud holes, Still good for the skin (Believe that you believe anything) Great weather and good food at the local what more could you want. Paul won the day and what a crush Bosh, the car seemed to explode.

  • Linda, Peter, Alex and Lee-Ann. Past Tank Driving Day,
    Check out the video here Had a phone call from a Linda needed something a bit special for a day out while on vacation could she book a car crush, sure can especially if you hate Merc's. Good driving all round especially by the kids, reckon Lee Ann must have a horse .just to good on the levers. Pete did a classic crush see the movie; itís just the best not that he really noticed .he was too exited about seeing our pink Tank.
  • Audi's, Crush a Car Day
    Did a nice little day for 25 all cap people up for a laugh ,The driving was good which was lucky for me and Liam cos we were seriously cattle trucked from getting in at 230 am the night before from the Naomi Cambel shoot ,if you look closely you may catch one of Liam snoozing. The Day was won by a Girl yet again, mind you no reversing on my days.
  • Kath's, Crush a Car Day on 3rd
    Tim had this great idea for a present for his wife Kath, Crush a car. Not sure if it was all his own idea or a few subtle hints was left .Any way it seemed to tick all the boxes. Kath was a natural tank driver but then she did ride horses so what do you expect, tanks have just the same controls and characteristics, But smell better and attract less flies a lucky escape on the water splash with the 432.
  • Hiltons Birthday Smash Driving Day,
    What do you do on your birthday, Have a day of tank driving with your friends. These really were good friends of Hiltons cos although some beat him on the driving scores he still got to crush the car now thatís the sign of a true friend. Second prize was an AK47 machine gun and it was a dead tie between Lex and Jeremy, although earlier in the day Lex broke the most clays on the shooting stand Jeremy proved to be the best shot with a bazooka with the Barnes Wallace bouncing approach.
  • Alison Finch, Full monty
    Alison Finch achieved an almost perfect score of, 39/40, beat those boys if you can, and just to rub salt in the wounds crushed the winnerís prize at the end like a true professional. Rumour also has it she didnít even nod off during the armoury lecture.
  • Bernie's Birthday Car Crush
    Roz and Bernie came all the way from the emerald isle for his special day. The sun came out especially for the pictures and wow what a crush straight up the middle, Best not be in a rover if you have a crash they really squash up bad. Never seen a bigger grin than the one on Rozís face when the rover got it .except maybe Bernieís when he stood next to the Pink Abbott. But we wont go there he looks to handy with a machine gun.
  • Front Crush a Car
    We were lucky enough to have a merry bunch up from a company called Front, Sam had booked the day Girl power. And they even arrived in a chopper, hats cool we had all sorts planned, mostly tanking of course, with the hagglunds, lances, 432ís and best of all the Grozdilkas which we worked in a Swim for the best driver.
  • Total install
    We had a call from Total install they needed a surprise Tank and sas day for their staff, and the wicked bugger booking it, Graham Wanter to keep what sort of an event it was a secret.
  • Mark from Osborneís
    Mark from Osborneís brought his merry bunch of friends along for a bash in the tanks, not the first time heís been and he keeps getting better Joint second this year for the car crush first prise. Steve won who incidentally arrived in a similar car that he crushed, we wondered if he would actually keep instead of crushing it.
  • Angie's Crush Car Tank Day
    Angela came along on her birthday, her husband Nick had kept her crush a complete surprise from her and probably from young Antonio as well
  • Twin Half Day

    Our twin half day on the 11th Aug was blessed by sun, and were we ready for it. I had been thinking of changing our name from Tanks lot to Mud World, life had been pretty tough up here if you hadnít had webbed feet .Our morning session was a little under booked which is unusual but we had been doing so many corporate days i hadnít had the time to promote it properly, still the afternoon session was packed.

  • Helicopter Clubs Tank Day
    Roy from the Helicopter club of great Britain contacted us about the members doing a tank day and could they all arrive by chopper, shouldnít be a problem i told him, bit of a close shave getting the grass cut and baled in time though with all the recent wet weather.
  • Bartercards Big Day at Mud City
    We had a call from Tina at Team Tactics could we do a day end of July on a Sunday for 85-100 people from Barter card, It ended up being the day after the July Full Monty so it could be a tough time for the instructors if we need to do some spannering through the night
  • 50th Birthday RUSSIAN TANK SWIM
    What do you do on your 50th birthday if your a bit of a petrol head ,You get Treated to SWIM A RUSSIN TANK with your wife and friends well thatís what happened to Steve ,They all had a little play in the lance moved on to the 432 who his mate Pete drove like a real expert
  • Corporate Fun Day
    We had a call from Sonia our favourite agent could we keep her client busy on the 25th you bet i replied, they went for the 18th century option flintlock and mortar with the normal 4 vehicles and a bit of SAS with Colin as well.
  • GE Money
    Team Tactic booked a day for a client GE money the date was end of July the it was a half day with food and the numbers were 50 odd, Bit of a tall order that many in such a short time but hey what could go wrong blue skies loads of tanks hard fast courses.

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